Open data, participatory democracy, digital tools to support remote areas. Welcome to Cori!

An amazing week on open data, digital tools and participatory democracy led by Polygonal to learn how to implement micro practices of participation, of effective decision making through the reflection on data, and on the practical knowledge of a few tools.

We have presented AlboPop tool to enhance the access to public decision making, we have shown the potential of Telegram to make very low cost and interactive treasure hunt games for the accessibility and popularisation of local heritage, as well as the power of IoT in reflecting the power of open data and data literacy to learn about and implement sustainability.

Find here some of the photos of the week. We even had Santa Claus – big thanks to our German friends!

Besides the photos, you can find the materials of the week!



Materials produced during the training (free usage!)

Introduction to Decidim – Learnville





OpenstreetMap training

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